DEMO August 26, Frankfurt

Demonstration Frankfurt August 26, 2017



Hallo Frankfurt! I am happy to see you all here.

My name is Raffie Chohan and I am leader and founder

of the Dutch Defense League. Germany and the Netherlands have similar problems regarding the Islam.

Recently I was prosecuted in Court for two cases:

  • sowing hate
  • offending “Muslims”

Sowing hate has been acquitted. Offending Islam will

be punised if I do it again.

June 16 was my court case and before that day my facebook page Dutch Defense League was deleted by facebook, and all my accounts got a ban. This was not a coincidence.

They want me to shut up, well……….here I am again!

I believe in Freedom of Speech, so I will do my utter best.


You have heard many times that “Islam is a tolerant religion”. That is the biggest lie that you can hear all over the world, and this lie is used as a mask to hide the terrible face of Islam. They like to impose Sharia on us. To me Sharia is horror, it is barbaric.

Children in the Netherlands are going to visit Mosques, and they are reading out of the koran. Many cafeterias now only serve halal meat. I like to say something about Halal meat: Halal meat comes from animal that have been cruelly and ritually slautered.

* The animals enters the slaughter area fully conscious of other animals being slaughtered. It is tied up and winched up side down.

* A Imam recites a prayer from the Koran and cuts the throat of the animal with a knife.

* The panic-sticken animal convulses, with its own blood choking into its lungs and over its face and eyes.

* This agonising death takes nearly a minute of terror.

If you buy Halal, you are supporting Islamic Jihad. Why? How? Islamic law requires a 2.5% tax called zakat which is imposed on income and accumulated wealth of all devout islamics. When you purchase a product which is certified Halal, you are indirectly contributing to terrorism.


The Netherlands has always been regarded as a prosperous country. We have always had a good social security system. Mind you, we pay good money for it, too. However, gradually, silent changes can be seen. In housing allotment, priority is given to asylum seekers. As a result of the growing number of refugees, the refugee centers are full of refugees, eligible for asylum, waiting for public housing elsewhere. The accomodation in the refugee centers is needed for new asylum seekers and refugees.


The West is afraid of Islam. And they know it. With sayings as “racism” and “discrimination”, any discussion is stopped. So, oppression of women, homophobia, domestic violence against women, are taken for granted. Simply out of fear. No more cartoons, no more theatre plays. Women are afraid to sit topless at the beach, in public swimming pools, men take showers wearing shorts, just to please Islam. All of a sudden, Ramadan is seen as a holiday.


Everywhere, prayer rooms are set up. Mind you, these are not mosques. In the Netherlands, we already have 500 mosques, and their number is growing.

In public swimming pools, special days are reserved when only islamic women are allowed to swim. In passport photos, one is allowed to wear an Islamic headscarf, but not a hat. Social Services emply translators to help them.


In many asylum centers in the Netherlands are Christians often threatened or abused by Islamic fellow residents. Former islamics who are converts to Christianity are treated the worst.  ‘It is terrible that people often fled to Holland because of their religion, and should be safe here, are being oppressed the most.

It is because Islam do not tolerate anyone who leaves the islam religion.

Christians and gays who have fled to the West to escape the horrors in their country, are now unsafe because of the islamcis they have to live amongst.

How do we assist those with a genuine need and weed out those using an excuse to gain access where they shouldn’t be?


When a [female] Western journalist is visiting an Arabic country, she is required to wear a headscarf. But when an Arabic statesman visits here, he is not required to shake hands with women. And this brings us to the fact that, if one is required to respect a country’s values, this should also apply here.

Marriages are being arranged. Circumcision is practiced, and women sometimes genital mutilated. There are honor killing. Sex with minor girls.

Homosexuality is punishable by death.

Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs.

Who leaves Islam must be killed immediately.

There is no age limit for marriage of girls. The marriage

contract can take place anytime after birth and can be

consummated at age 8 or 9.

Rebelliousness on the part of the wife gives him permission to beat her and keep her from leaving the home.

Cut off the hands of thieves, whether they are male or

female, as punishment for what they have done.


Divorce is only in the hands of the husband and is as easy as saying: “I divorce you” – A woman loses custody if she remarries.

A woman inherits half what a man inherits. Crazy, is a woman

half as much worth than a man? I guess according to the Islam.

A man has the right to have up to 4 wives and none of them have a right to divorce him – even if he is polygamous.

The testimony of a woman in court is half the value of a man.

To prove rape, a woman must have 4 male witnesses or 8 females witnesses.

Now it is common sense to me that a man will not rape a women in front of four men or eight women who would report against him in a Sharia court. So in other words, it is very difficult to punish a man for raping a women and it is easy to get away for a man after raping a women. The statistics actually proves this.


Marriage between of cousins of nephews . I can list many such things, but we all know that it has to do with the islamisation.

The abuse of woman, because we all know girls are less important than boys!


I also want to tell you about inbreeding. Massive inbreeding in the Islamic culture is causing irreparable damage to people, including severe damage to the intelligence and mental health of people. Incest, which has been customary in Islamic societies for 1400 years, probably has caused irreparable [genetic] damage.


With the influx of asylum seekers, we in Europe will see horrible scenes in the streets. I am afraid that police and the army will be unable to maintain order. We want to feel safe. World leaders will have to quickly change their attitudes to this islamic immigration, otherwise we will have a lost cause and a sad future.

The most important task of the Government is to protect its people. Remember this!


I like to thank Zahid Khan for the opportunity to speech here in Frankfurt. And I like to thank the Police for our protection.

And I hope to see you all at an other DEMO in the future.

Finally, I wish our hero Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and

Alternative fur Deutschland succes! They deserve our support! Thank you for listening, God bless you!

Und veilleicht auf wiedersehn.



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