50 U.S. Intelligence officers are saying the Obama regime is altering and whitewashing their ISIS reports and information. Not one. But Fifty. 50. Surprise, Surprise. Barack Hussein Obama/a.k.a. Barry Soetoro has made it possible for the American homeland to be infilitrated by Islamic State and is actively continuing to do so. With all the hoop-la over the ”expected” & hoped for & anticipated coming Presidential election & changing of the guard at 1600 Pennsylvania Av, many aren’t even considering what this evil bastard & agent of the anti-Christ may have in store for us, just around the corner. And many of these same people are the same who will famously say, ”that’s not possible!” and mock those who warn & prepare. Don’t count ur chickens b4 they hatch. 20 January 2017 ain’t here yet. And even if & when it arrives as expected & hoped for, the evil & damage that has been done, inflicted & infilitrated on America is of such a detrimental nature, it will likely prove catastrophic in many different aspects.



Author unknown




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